Semi-automatic Duplex Turret Slitter Rewinder Model: SDT-926
Main Use: Various Plastic films.
  • The duplex turret system offers less than 40 seconds changeover time.
  • Rewinding shafts are Air Friction type with 2 air circuit. .
  • One is for tension control and the other one is for core chucking. .
  • Edge winding units are installed 2 units for each edge. .
  • Automatic web cut off and splicing web to new core. .


Web width 400 - 1200mm
Roller width 1300mm
Unwinding dia. φ1000mm
Unwinding core size 3/6 inches
Rewinding dia. φ600mm
Rewinding core size 3 inches
Min. rewinding width 90mm (50mm as an option)
Slitting method Razor in air slitting
Razor in groove slitting
Wrap shear slitting
Rewinder design Duplex turret system
Mechanical speed 600m/min
SECTIONAL DRIVE SLITTER REWINDER Shaftless Center Drive Slitter Rewinder Model:HTH-928
Main Use: PET, Metalized film, Optical film.
  • The sub-frame moves horizontally relative to the rewinding unit.
  • The rewinding unit.
  • Max. speed 800m/min. and stable tension control by dancer roller.
  • 2 units of trimming winders are installed. Traverse winding and record winding are selectable.
  • Individual shear blade unit that blade depth/Side pressure/Velocity ratio of upper blade can be managed individually in numerical values.
Web width 800 - 2900mm
Roller width 3000mm
Unwinding dia. φ1000mm
Unwinding core size 3/6 inches
Rewinding dia. φ800mm
Rewinding core size 3/6 inches
Min. rewinding width 450mm (3 stations)
Razor in air slitting
Slitting method Tangent shear slitting
(By individual blade unit)
Mechanical speed 800m/min.
Options Product receiver
Blade unit with dust countermeasure