Polyhouse/Greenhouse Films

Horticover is designed for greenhouse fabric with good UV stability and durability. Also as it is semi-transparent, it can take the sunlight into greenhouses.

Feature: High UV resistance and strength performance.Widely used in agriculture.
Use: Greenhouse covercloth for retractable roof greenhouses, construction and building etc.
Material: Polyethylene
Color: Semi-transparent
Origin: Made in Japan
Heavy Duty Shelter Fabric

Good UV stability and durability. Recognized as "Maxlite Cover" in New Zealand's market, and "High UV Cloth" in Asian market.

Feature: Good UV resistance and strength performance. Widely used in industries, civil engineering, and agriculture.
Use: For construction and building, General Covers, Sunshade, Disaster Relief, Tarpaulins, Agricultural and Industrial Tarpaulins etc.
Material: :Polyethylene
Color: Any Colors
Origin: Made in Japan
PE Tarpaulin

Light weight polyethylene laminated fabric, Good UV resistance and strength performance for about 2 year using.

Feature: UV resistance and enough strength for short term use (about 1 year based on our weather resistance test).
100% Recyclable material.
Use: Construction and Building use, General Coverers, Disaster Relief Tarpaulins etc.
Material: Polyethylene
Color: Grey, Blue, any colors.
Origin: Made in Japan