Rotogravure Printing Machine:

An ever-evolving, high-spec, long-seller model boasting reliability and results!

MD Series:

We apply decades of know-how to create added significance for our customers’ products.


High-quality printing through uncompromising highregister accuracy

Each printing cylinder is driven by an AC servo motor to improve synchronization accuracy even higher than the previous compensator roll method.

Standard specifications:

Printed material General plastic film
Printed material width 1,050 / 1,150 / 1,250mm
Machine speed Max. 250 m/min, 300 m/min
Printing cylinder surface length 1,100 / 1,200 / 1,300mm
Printing cylinder diameter Ø127 to Ø300 mm
Unwinding / Rewinding diameter Ø600, Ø800 mm