FVC Series

Stabilizes the ink or paint viscosity to support superior printing quality.

“This device circulates the ink or paint while performing automatic adjustments to keep the ink or paint at a uniform viscosity during the printing or coating processes. Aproper viscosity is always ensured for balanced printing quality.

  • Diaphragm pump keeps ink and paint viscosity uniform while preventing retention.
  • Ink and paint viscosity can be controlled in ±0.5 seconds or less.
    Our original counter is used to perform measurements, enabling stable control. Even more stable control can be achieved if certain criteria are met. (Temperature, air pressure, clean air, etc.)
  • Stable viscosity supplied to reduce printing loss
    A significant amount of printing loss due to the ink/paint viscosity can be prevented. Operation is also easy, helping reduce the burden on the operator.
Ink Viscosity Controller Specification:
Hose Discharge Hose (w/ nozzle, fixed clip) φ10×φ6.5×2.5m φ12×φ8×2.5m
(Double layers hose) Suction Hose (w / strainer) φ12×φ8×2.5m φ12×φ9×2.5m
Required air pressure 0.40MPa (3.92kg/cm2) 0.35MPa (3.43kg/cm2)
Air consumption At drive with solvent circulation 40 l / min 85 l / min
At drive with air beating 45 l / min 100 l / min
At washing with solvent circulation 120 l / min 120 l / min
At washing with air beating 170 l / min 180 l / min
Ink Circulation volume 1330sec. with Zahn cup #3 4.7~2.6 l / min 10.9~5.4 l / min
15 sec. with Zhan cup #3 4.1 l / min 9.3 l / min

FVSC Series (Two Liquid Supply Equipment):

FUJI Two Liquid Supply Equipment FVSC-L5
For solvent free laminate processing

  • The normal mixture ratio is always maintained by the feedback control of the pouring volume.
  • The mixing machine employs the dynamic mixing system.
  • There is no adverse current of adhesive even if the difference in a viscosity of the main agents and the hardening agent is large, because the supply method of two liquid to mixing part is devised.
  • Special jacket heater is used for the humidification of adhesives and exact temperaturecontrol is realized.
Size of the machine W1000mm × L850mm × (Incl. Arm Part 2100mm) × H1700mm
Weight 350kg
Power Supply 200V 5KW (25A)
Pre-set temperature Tank:30℃~200℃ Tube:30℃~150℃