Modified types: Modified by phenols, polyhydric alcohol, or other

Straight types: Formed by bridged methylene linkage or ether linkage

Improved features:

  • Control viscosity of various resins (decrease or increase), Good compatibility with various resins
  • Initial adhesion, Tackiness and Stickiness
  • Flexibility
  • Water, Moisture, Alkali, and Gasolin resistance
  • Dielectric property and electric insulation

Target resins:

Epoxy resin, phenol resin, acrylic resin, unsaturated polyester resin, urethane resin, various rubbers (NR/CR/NBR, SBR, SIS, SBS, EPDM, etc.), chlorinated polyethylene, alkyd resin, etc.


Straight type

The basic structure of Straight type is a multimer composition formed by m-xylene by methylene linkage or ether linkage and a part of the edge is an OH-group (OH value: 20 to 40 mgKOH/g). Therefore, Straight type is excellent in compatibility with many synthetic resins and is used for improvement in performance of various resins.

Low-viscosity xylene resin

This is an environment-compatible modifier that is not a substance prohibited by VOC. This is the best suited as a modifier for various resins e.g. epoxy resin, phenol resin, unsaturated polyester resin, acrylic resin, urethane resin, and alkyd resin.

The above are not product specifications.

Additional features:

  • Epoxy resin coating:
  • Flexibility, Levelling, Wettability, Moisture and Water resistance

Environment-friendly xylene resin:

Y-300 features lower TVOC and lower heating loss in comparison with Y-50 and Y-100, and can be expected to be utilized for epoxy resin, acrylic resin as a modifier that has a low environmental burden because it discharges a small amount of outgas when it heated.


Additional features:

  • UV-curing coating/adhesive
  • Adhesion, Flexibility, Moisture and Water resistance, Compatibility
  • Epoxy resin coating
  • Leveling, Adhesion, Flexibility, Moisture and Water resistance, Control viscosity

Middle- to High-viscosity xylene resin

It can be used as a tackifier for adhesive and pressure sensitive adhesive and as a modified material for phenol resin and unsaturated polyester resin.

The above are not product specifications.

*H-80: Resin 80% toluene solution.

Additional features

  • Acrylic resin pressure sensitive adhesive:
    Flexibility, Adhesion, Water resistance, Compatibility
  • Epoxy resin coating / adhesive:
    Adhesion, Leveling, Flexibility, Moisture and Water resistance, Control viscosity
  • Rubber compound:
    Flexibility, Damping, Tackiness, Spill prevention of plasticizer and mineral oil
  • Modified materials (phenol resin, unsaturated polyester resin):
    Flexibility, Water, Moisture and Abrasion resistance

Modified types:

Modified types are capable to improve properties more than straight types because they are obtained by reaction with other compounds such as phenols, carboxylic acids, alcohol and so on. Modified types can be used in a wide range of applications.

Alkyl phenol modified Types:

This is solid xylene resin modified by alkyl phenol. We offer grade with a wide range of softening points.

The above are not product specifications.

Additional features

  • Various inks:
    Adhesion, Inorganic filler / pigment dispersion, Gloss, Leafing property
  • Coating:
    Adhesion, Leveling, Corrosion resistance
  • Urethane adhesive:
    Adhesion, Moisture, Heat and Alkali resistance
  • Acrylic adhesive:
    Cohesion, Adhesion
  • Rubber adhesive:
    Adhesion, Water resistance, Tackiness
  • Rubber compound:
    Damping, Procsssibility, Tackiness