We have made it our mission to contribute to the quality of people's lives by continuously working to improve the features of our packaging, including gas barrier and preservation properties, toughness, and ease-of-use.

We develop and produce films that respond to consumers’ frustrations and lead to greater productivity. Our laminated films are made to order for each customer, and we work together with our customers from the technological development stage.

Products Lists-
Three-side Sealed Pouch:

Sealed on three sides, this is our most popular pouch shape, offering excellent productivity. Two films are sealed firmly together to ensure superior airtightness.

Pillow Pouch:

A single layer of film is joined at the centre back. Because there are no side seals, the pillow pouch can hold more contents than the three-side sealed pouch.

Gusseted Pouch:

The sides of these pouches have a folded gusset to give more volume to the bag. These side gussets allow the pouch to hold more contents than the pillow pouch.

Three-side Sealed Zipper Pouch:

A zipper is added to the three-side sealed pouch to enable the pouch to be resealed after opening. Suitable for food products, health food products, snacks, pet food and other products that need to be kept for a long time.

Standing Pouch:

A gusset on the bottom allows the pouch to stand on its own. This makes the product stand out on store shelves, and ease-of-use for the consumer is also improved.

Standing Pouch with Zipper:

A zipper is added to the standing pouch to enable the pouch to be resealed after opening. A more functional pouch that offers the dual advantages of being self-standing and resalable.

Maru Spout Pouch:

This pouch has a spout that can be used to eat or drink directly from the pouch or for pouring. This latter function makes it suitable for product refills.

Maru Pouch Beak:

This pouch has a beak-like protrusion that allows easy pouring of contents, making it suitable for product refills.

  • Pouches that tear straight
  • A section which can be held is created when the product is opened.
  • Two separate contents can be mixed together with a single push.
  • Sachets that tear diagonally
  • Open Anywhere on the Pouch
  • Multi-purpose film for improved productivity
  • Control humidity inside the pouch

Pharmaceuticals, Supplements, Powdered medicines, Test kits, Retort foods, microwave-ready foods, Products to be tested using metal detecting equipment, General food products, Cosmetics, Health food products, Noodle dipping sauce, Cold ramen soup, Dressings, Sauces, Jelly, Natto seasoning, Soy sauce, Wasabi, Mustard, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Cosmetics, Ice packs, Retort-pouch curries, Pet food, Nursing foods, Baby food, Liquid seasonings.