Manually Adjustable T-die:

This T-die is high-tech in a number of ways. First of all, key components are produced of a special steel that enhances stability and allows the flow channel and lip to be fabricated to a super-highdegree of precision, therefore correctness and stability are greatly improved.

Secondly, the heater has been designed to minimize temperature fluctuations, Y-shaped sealing bars have been mounted on both ends to prevent resin leaks, and the deckle features a proprietary design that prevents edge beads and product deformation.

The T-die can be opened without detaching it from the extruder,which enables speedy maintenance and resin changeovers.

  • Excellent Surface finish and Special Hardness Coating.
  • Y-Seal bar prevents resin leakage.
  • Proprietary deckle design minimizes edge bead and edge weave.
  • Optimally Flow channel design and Heaters Location ensure good thickness profile.
  • T-Die Separating Device for easy maintenance.