SMART FLIPPER Automated Thickness Control Extrusion T-die:

Lip forming under amplified resultant force produced by leveraging

Feedback control system

Pre-set Mode for high reproducibility

Currently, most ofthe companies are using Heat Bolt T-die which basically works on thermal expansion and contraction, but with Sumitomo’s Patented Pneumatic T-Die it totally works on air pressure due to which response is extremelyfast and noheat release during the process which saves running cost and electricity as well.

The smart flipper is an automatic thickness control system that featured a T-die equipped with a Pneumatic lip forming mechanism to greatly enhance dimensional accuracy, stability, and productivity and adjusts uneven thickness in a short time (within a few minutes).

Customer can savewastage by trimming, thickness variation and improved quality of the product. if any ECL useris interested then Sumitomo Heavy Industries Modern can replace T-Die with Pneumatic system.

If customers face the following problems.

  • High trim.
  • High thickness variation.
  • High thickness adjusting time.
  • High products changing time.
  • Poor quality and many more reasons.

Then Sumitomo T-die is the best option to replace existing t-die with Pneumatic T-die.

T-Die Installation Process for any user:

In case of customer wants to change existing T-die then Sumitomo engineers visit the customer's site and check all feasibility as follows.

  • Current Line status, production status, extruder output, electrical drawing of extruder and T-Die, mechanical drawing near about chill roll, location for NDC and other required details.
  • After getting all details from the customer we check with SHIM Japan engineer team. If everything ok, then we measure the dimension of the mounting plate of feed block.
  • We check trimming loss, thickness variation loss and product changing loss, to understand how much improvement is possible with SHIM T-die.

Comparison between Smart Flipper Pneumatic T-die and Heat Bolt T-die

Sumitomo Automatic T-die
(Smart Flipper)
Conventional Heat Bolt T-die
Drive source Air pressure (Drives forming arm). Heat (Drives heat bolt using thermal expansion/contraction)
Control system Internally developed feedback control Many control systems available from film thickness measurement device manufacturers
Heat effects None Heat from heat bolt radiates
Response time 1-2 sec. 3-5 min
Adjustment mode Remote operate mode/ Automatic mode /Pre-setting mode Manual adjustment
Movement Fast, accurate and precise Not precise and slow